SunBoo Beach Bungalows


Exclusive, close to nature, sustainable: All SunBoo Beach Bungalows were built with natural materials and with care for the environment. Authentic luxury for those seeking tranquility, nature lovers and flashpackers.

Comfortable Vacation for Individualists

We believe that contemporary luxury does not express itself in gold faucets, but in a concentration on the essentials. Our bungalows offer our guests peace and closeness to nature. Each unit has a private terrace, either with sea view or jungle view. Generous distances between the buildings ensure sufficient privacy.
For special comfort the bungalows have fans and its own outdoor bathroom. Our room service always strives to guarantee hygiene and cleanliness in accordance with international standards.
Due to the boutique structure of the complex, we provide our guests with an individually tailored experience in the middle of the unspoiled natural environment of this island paradise.

Environmentally-friendly Construction using Bamboo

In the construction of all the new buildings, we mainly work with bamboo. We thereby send a clear message against the clearing of rare tropical woods in Cambodia. In Asia, bamboo is often regarded as "the poor man's wood" - but it actually has enormous advantages. As a building material, it is very elastic, lightweight and extremely resilient. Architecturally, there are hardly any limits. Bamboo is also the most sustainable building material in the world, as it grows very quick (up to 1 meter per day).

Design meets Nature

During the construction and renovation of our bungalows, we ensured to treat the surrounding nature and the island's resources with care. Despite their modern design, the SunBoo Beach Bungalows blend in harmoniously with their surroundings. Tree populations were preserved and protected during the construction phase. We have our own natural spring, which supplies the resort with water. All products we provide to our guests are biodegradable, so as not to contaminate soil and water.