SunBoo Beach Bungalows

How to get here

Speed Ferries

These are usually more modern speed boats that need 30-40 minutes to reach the island but none of them stop directly at Sunset Beach, but at the islands main beach Saracen Bay.
There are many companies to choose from but make sure your boat offers a stop at Saracen Bay.

From Saracen Bay to Sunset Beach there is an estimated 30 minute path through the jungle. This hike includes a short steep part over a hill.
The path starts at the Diveshop store which is located near the Orchid pier on Saracen Bay.
Speed ferries go frequently throughout the day and cost between 12-16$/p.P. depending on what company you choose.
We recommend not buying a return ticket in advance, as you will be limited to one company to choose from.