SunBoo Beach Bungalows

Restaurant & Bars

At SunBoo Beach Bungalows we cook out of conviction with fresh and organic ingredients from the region. When it comes to food everything spins around your pleasure and health – it doesn't matter whether you like vegan or barbecue – our team looks after your culinary well-being.

Even our construction material is from the region: Bamboo is not only a fast growing sustainable plant, but also creates a natural relaxed atmosphere. That's why our restaurant and the 2 bars are exclusively built with bamboo, in order to create the ideal ambience for an ongoing treat. We are aware of our environmental responsibility and deal carefully with given resources. We take care of the surroundings and ensure food culture which is in harmony with nature.

Enjoyment à la Carte

We don't want to put off our guests, but serve real food for body and soul. That's why the sandy beach and crystal clear water starts right behind the edge of your plate. You can choose to dine in our restaurant or in one of the pavilions right on the beach. We don't offer a loveless buffet, but a menu with selected delicacies of Asian and International cuisine. In the morning a continental breakfast awaits you, and for lunch and dinner you can decide between dishes from the east and the west. In our oven we not only prepare mouth-watering pizza, but also crispy selfmade bread. And of course our pasta is also homemade.

Our kitchen team draws inspiration from regional markets. All ingredients originate from local farmers on the mainland. We are supplied with best quality products from land and sea every day. That's why we guarantee freshness and organic quality of food and drinks.

You have individual needs or special wishes? No problem! Whether you have allergies, gluten intolerance, or simply want to have breakfast in bed: We take care of your welfare and give you energy for a perfect day.


In the early evening a stunning sunset awaits you in one of our bars: Sundowner and cool drinks are served in the beach bar, while the Jazz bar in the restaurant offers yummy cocktails and selected sounds for music lovers, next to a chillout area where you can hang out on cosy bamboo chairs.

Enjoy the moment and get inspired by overwhelming nature!